"The Fanimatrix" is intended as a celebration of the Warschowskis Brothers' vision and in no way is it affiliated with the Brothers, Silver Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures or Warner Brothers Pictures.

It is a FAN-FILM and is intended merely for the sheer enjoyment of "Matrix" and martial arts/science fiction fans everywhere. This film CANNOT be used for any sort of promotional material nor for any means of financial gain. Although copyrighted materials (e.g. music and sound fx) do appear in this film, we hope that the spirit of goodwill will prevail in allowing us to feature their work on our movie in the hopes that it will promote their own talents.

If you enjoy the works of any artists featured within this film, it is our sincere hope and request that you go out and show your support for buying their products. If you object to any copyrighted material used within this film, kindly contact us and the offending property will be removed IMMEDIATELY without question.